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Women's Healthy Aging Innovation Summit
6-7 December, 2023
Pasadena, California, USA

Workplace Benefits: The Wider Impact

Encouraging storytelling, boosting allyship, and increasing accessibility are fundamental to improving the health of women at work, as well as staff satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

  • With one fifth of the US workforce consisting of women of menopausal age, what are companies currently doing to assist with challenges specific to this demographic?
  • How can we reduce the education gap and level of stigmatisation that permeates the workplace even further?
  • How can we shift mindsets, to ensure that behavioural change follows?   

Taking the ‘Pause’ out of Menopause: Retailers Embracing the Shift

With the likes of Boots, Target, and Ulta Beauty joining the menopause movement and elevating the unheard voices of many women, the conversation around menopause through a consumer lens is changing for the better.

  • What do these collaborations mean for the commercialisation and wider distributions of products for startups?
  • How can we shift the narrative, so that all retailers are embracing this category?
  • Who is driving the education in this industry to ease the complex journey of the female consumer?

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